Go To Lesson: Dreams and Ambitions

I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction.  I am constantly putting out “good energy” for people, places, things…my good energy sometimes is generated in the form of a yoga practice, a run, a thought, a prayer, or (one of my favourites) a vision board!  I have used the act of writing down my exact goals, intentions, desires and dreams to help align my mind and actions for many years – 17 years to be exact.  Clarifying my needs and deepest desires has helped me achieve numerous amazing things in my life, including: meeting my husband (I am NOT even kidding…message me on Facebook if you want the full story!), my dream house (just bought it together with my husband this past March), and my dream job (it’s currently only 3 weeks in duration, but it’s a start).  When one’s deepest desires are written down or drawn on paper for the Universe to take charge of…stuff happens.

My vision board for the 2013/2014 school year.

My vision board for the 2013/2014 school year.

I developed this lesson “You May Say that I’m a Dreamer…” to do with a class I TOCed in for one month last fall.  The lesson has students determine what some of their dreams might be by writing, drawing or taking notes in the following categories: Dream House, Dream Vacation, Dream Pet, Dream ______________.  I introduced the lesson to my grade 8 class by sharing my own personal “Law of Attraction” stories (the house AND the husband).  I then turned on some “chill time” music and gave my class about 30-40 minutes to work on their dreams.  This class, notorious for being one of the more challenging classes in the school, got straight to work on their dreams.  I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone had ever asked them to bare their hearts and souls and minds in this way before, let alone given them the TIME to do this.  My guess is probably not.  Some students filled in all four topics with pictures and notes, whereas others focused on one or two of the subjects.  One student in particular chose to design her dream house – she used the back side of her paper and created the most amazing piece of architecture I have ever seen a 13 year old draw.  It was out of this world incredible.  When I asked her where her ideas came from she said to me, “Mrs. Alleyn, you should see the houses I’ve designed…I have a box full of blue prints at home”.  I never would have guessed in a million years that this student was an architect in the making.

What I love the most about this lesson I created is that the teacher (and the students) learn so much about each other during this process.  This lesson doesn’t have to be a long, arduous task – it can be a “one off”, one block type of thing.  I repeated this lesson with a grade 6 class I TOCed in this spring and the process and results were very much the same (except this time I got to include new pieces to “the dream house” list I had for myself…)  The best part of this lesson?  A few months after I TOCed in this class one of the boys came up to me and asked me if I ever did get my dream house I told his class about on “that day we did the dream sheets”.  I smiled a huge smile and said to him, “yes, yes I totally did!”

There’s something to be said for trusting in your deepest heart of hearts that the Universe will provide for you, so long as you know what you really want and so long as you allow it to happen as it is meant to happen.

If you get the chance to dream with your students this year, PLEASE let me know how it goes.  I just LOVE stuff like this.


7 thoughts on “Go To Lesson: Dreams and Ambitions

  1. This story brought tears to my eyes… I am so honoured and privileged to have known you and Meaghan and I hope I will be an extraordinary teacher with you and others who think and then act in unique, thoughtful, and authentic ways – and who then give students the opportunity to think and act in varied, meaningful and positive ways. You are truly educating the whole child.
    Love and Light :o)

    • Liz! Wow, what a kind and thoughtful message. Thank you.

      If I’ve learned anything in the past year, it’s been that there are some phenomenal educators in our district who are truly and actively seeking to educate the whole child through authentic and unique ways, just as you mentioned. Welcome to the club!!! 🙂 Love & light right back at you!


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