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Up in our corner of the world we still have three weeks until school starts for the 2013/2014 year.  This being said, I am already in full on school planning and thinking mode (and I don’t even have a job…yet).  One of the main things on my mind, besides the fact that I don’t have a job yet, is my home office.  Some of you might think this is lame, but most of you are probably teachers and; therefore, completely understand what I’m talking about. (ps – my husband just suggested I change the title of this post to “Antsy Nancy” because I am totally embodying an Antsy Nancy right now.  The man knows me well).

I’m currently on vacation, but I have a “new to me” desk waiting for me at home in pieces.  I also have a garage FULL of teaching supplies, books, papers, binders, craft supplies, etc. piled in my garage waiting to be stored and sorted.  We moved this past spring and my teaching things haven’t been unpacked yet, which means, yes, I used resources out of a pile in the garage for the last three months of school this year.  As luxurious as my vacation has been, I can’t stop thinking about my disaster of a garage.  I need to get my office set up as soon as I return from vacation, otherwise the school year will start and I just won’t do it.  I am 100% guilty of being a complete mess if I don’t have my things aligned from the get-go.  (Prime example: My French binder from school this summer.  My teacher didn’t hand out binders until day 3, but had already supplied us with at least 100 hand outs.  Result?  My binder is still a mishmash of random French handouts that will never, ever get sorted).  

Meaghan also moved recently and already has her stuff sorted out, including her home office.  She sent me this photo of her office last week and I’ve had home teacher office envy since then (thanks, Meg, for fueling my fire while on vaca!)

Meaghan's amazingly clean and tidy home teacher office space.

Meaghan’s amazingly clean and tidy home teacher office space.

So what does everyone think? I’m a home teacher office newbie so I’m curious and desperate to know what have been your home teacher office essentials? I’m going to be setting up my space in our closed in garage, so does anyone have any suggestions on how to make that space more comfortable and homey rather than…garage-y?  Here’s the space I have to work with, I’d love to hear your ideas!

This is our closed in garage before we moved in.  Now our stuff is everywhere...I definitely have my work cut out for me.

This is our closed in garage before we moved in. Now our stuff is everywhere…I definitely have my work cut out for me. PS – amazing hipster couch, hey?

3 thoughts on “Home (teacher) Offices

  1. A HUGE space! (Lucky!) I have the spare room for mine.
    1. bookshelves (enough for all the books you have, being a little OCD I have all my materials sorted by subject area) Better to have a shelf or 2 dedicated to each area as your resources will only grow.
    2. A desk that can hold your laptop and allow you space to write. I have folding table as mine as that way I can easily move it around and into any room to allow for sorting
    3. Bins or tubs (I reccommend clear as you can see into them if you do not have time to label and sometimes they inspire new ideas when you gaze across what you have at your fingertips.
    4. photos and gifts – Display photos from your class experiences and gifts they are constant reminders of the amazing job you have!
    5. bulletin board – there are some things that just cannot find a home right away or you need a spot to put reminders, photos, notes, ideas, passwords, etc

    Suggestions to make your space more home-y and less garage-y
    – paint job (Accent wall, or solid colour throughout) -if you are a creative type mural or an inspiration wall
    – sofa or rug to work on if you need to spread stuff out more
    – photos, paintings to make it feel more alive
    – depending the grade level you prefer to teach you can always hang art ideas in the middle of your ceiling so that examples never are squished – just careful it does not become too busy!

    • WOW! Thank you SO very much for your fantastic ideas for storage, decorating and organizing! I love your idea of the feature wall (have to convince my husband that painting the wall is an excellent idea!) and I love the thought of having a rug. I am totally the kind of girl who would rather lie on the floor than the couch, so a rug will be a great asset to my home teacher garage office. More visions and dreams of my beautiful office-to-be are developing as I type this response. Thanks, Miss E!

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